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ORO Home

Our customized loan programs support employees’ homeownership journey from start to closing

With ORO Home, you control every aspect of the loan programs to meet your unique retention needs.

We do all the work to provide customized loan programs that drive employee retention and help your employees build wealth through homeownership. 

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You’re in control:

Using our homeownership loan platform, you can tailor a program that suits your company’s  and your employees’  unique needs.

Program Goals

Companies can use homeownership loan programs as a:

  • Recruiting tool

  • Retention tool

  • Part of a relocation package

  • Performance or loyalty reward

Program Design

The company determines:

  • Employee eligibility

  • Maximum loan amount

  • Requirement for employee match

  • Loan structure – repayable vs. forgivable

  • Repayment or forgiveness term

Program Scope

Homeownership loan programs can be available:

  • Company-wide to all employees

  • To certain employees based on level, seniority, job type, geography, etc.

  • To a set number of employees chosen by random lottery, seniority, etc. each year based on an annual budget

  • To individual selected employees

Use of Funds

Loan funds can be used for:

  • Downpayment for home

  • Buy down interest rate

  • Pay real estate agent

  • Pay closing costs

We do all the work:

We handle all of the hard work so you can focus on creating the best employee experience possible.  

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Our Promise

We make it easy for you to offer a highly customized homeownership loan program to drive employee retention.

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