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Down Payment Programs

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Our localized Down Payment Assistance Programs page connects you with a variety of resources to make owning a home more accessible, based on your location.

LACDA Affordable Homeownership Program 

The Los Angeles Count Development Authority (LACDA) offers first-time low- and moderate-income homebuyers an Affordable Homeownership Program designed to assist those who are unable to purchase a new home.

The assistance comes in the form of a 0% interest, deferred second mortgage, meaning all payments are deferred until you sell the home, transfer ownership, or refinance your primary mortgage. You can receive up to $85,000 or 20% of the purchase price in assistance (whichever is less).

Applicants must live in the home and have not owned a primary residence in the last three years. Buyers must also meet specific underwriting criteria, income eligibility restrictions, and complete homeownership counseling prior to close.

Habitat LA Down Payment Assistance

For decades Habitat for Humanity has been a name synonymous with helping those in need. In the greater Los Angeles area, eligible homebuyers can take advantage of their $100,000 mortgage assistance program.

This program provides gap financing to help families cover the down payment for a new home. Buyers can receive a 0% interest, 30-year loan (funded through CalHome) that can be used to finance the downpayment and closing costs associated with the purchase of a new single-family, condo, or townhome.

LAHD Low Income Purchase Assistance (LIPA) Program

The Los Angeles Housing Department has a few different purchase assistance programs that can be a valuable resource for prospective homebuyers.

The Low Income Purchase Assistance (LIPA) program is available to first-time, low-income buyers, which can provide a deferred loan of up to $161,000 that can be used for a down payment, closing costs, and acquisition. Similar criteria to other down payment assistance programs apply.

Pathway to Homeownership Closing Cost Assistance Grant Program

Some down payment assistance programs are structured as a grant, meaning the funds do not need to ever be repaid. The Pathway to Homeownership Closing Cost Assistance (PHCCA) Grant program is one of many grant programs available to California buyers.

The California Association of Realtors offers the PHCCA program to help bridge affordability gap that many new buyers face. It proves up to $10,000 in closing cost assistance to first-time buyers with low-to-moderate household income.

Bank of America's Our America 

With housing affordability becoming a major issue across the country, many national lenders have begun offering homebuying assistance programs to make homeownership more affordable for prospective buyers.

Bank of America’s Our America’s Home Grant program offers new eligible buyers up to $7,500 towards non-recurring closing costs and does not need to be repaid.

Chase Bank also offers a Homebuyer Grant that offers up the same benefit and can be applied to help lower a buyer’s mortgage rate or can be applied to a homebuyer’s down payment when certain loans are being utilized.


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